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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

From "Blood of the Dragon" by Samantha Warren

Blood of the Dragon
As the egg begins to crack, the plot to free the hatchling is exposed, forcing Lana to leap into action ahead of plan.

She and her mother pushed the cart quickly toward the door. A startled gurgle caused Lana to look back toward the stall. The Gypsy who attacked Nilon lay gasping for air across Mynora's tail. Blood spilled from his mouth and nose. Mynora pinned Nilon against the wall as he slashed violently at her hide. The second Gypsy was preparing a burst of energy that would engulf the entire stall.

"Go!" Mynora screamed.

Lana's father burst through the door and helped Lana and her mother push the cart to the wagon. Lana felt her hair stand on end as the energy bomb was released inside the building. She stopped and turned back as the stench of burnt flesh filled the air.

"Lana, you must go." Her mother was pushing her to the wagon. "You have to."

The girl climbed up next to the egg as tears began streaking her face. The remaining Gypsy shouted a command and the horses took off at full speed. By the time Lana turned back, her parents were barely visible. She waved desperately until she could see them no longer, then collapsed in misery.

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