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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

From "The Illusion" a story inside "Mental Shrillness" by Todd Russell

Mental Shrillness
Damon tried picturing what happened to his real father. He could only focus on his stepfather's wicked scowl. It was one of many first pieces that had eerily vanished from his memory.
"I...I'm having trouble..."
"This is how it begins. Soon you will lose all but pertinent pieces of your identity, Damon. Don't fear, we will assist you with the process. You are among us now."
Damon fell to one knee and then a sitting position. He stared ahead, falling, falling deeper into the chasm inside his mind while Harry spoke steadily in his ear.
"You dreamed of being a magician more than anything, remember?"
"I ... yes, more than anything."
Harry extended his hand. "Your car keys, wallet and wedding ring, please."
Damon's hands trembled and his head throbbed. He produced his wallet, car keys and touched his wedding ring. A sharp pain lanced his temple. He saw the inside of an immaculate church flash before him.
Harry knelt and caught Damon's fall, keeping Damon's head from cracking the hard wooden stage.
"What is ... happening to me?"
"Rest, Damon. Stag is here. He's your friend and guardian now. We'll handle the unimportant details."

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