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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

From "Most Likely" by Craig Hansen

Most LikelyThen she felt Tom move his hand from around her waist and come to rest on her stomach. She tensed. She was pretty sure Tom felt her tense up, but he kept kissing her. When his hand started seeking the hem of her blouse, Becky pushed him back gently.

"Sorry," she apologized. "I'm not … we need to stop."

Tom sighed and touched his forehead to hers. After a moment, he moved his hand off her stomach.

"Why?" he asked. "Things were going … this was nice."

"It is," she agreed. "But we can't ... I don't want to go further. I mean, I want to. Part of me does. But ... not here. Not now. I'm not ready."

Tom rolled away from her and sighed deeply. Becky did, too.

"Because of God?" he asked.

"That, too," Becky said. "It's not the only reason. I'm only … we're kids, Tom."

"Oh, come on," Tom said. "We're probably the only couple not doing it in the entire school."

Those words stung. They reminded Becky of Shari Jackson's hateful words. Tom told me he was getting tired of you and your God thing. Was it true?

"I doubt that," Becky said.

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