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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

From "After All is Said and Done" by Belinda G. Buchanan

After All Is Said And DoneIt is late in the night, and Ethan & Renee's father has just died.  Renee is sitting in the kitchen at Ethan's' home…

   They sat in silence for a while listening to the rain falling softly upon the roof. 

    "I talked to him a few days ago.  He seemed fine,” she said softly.

    He watched as Ryan sucked on his bottle.  “Sometimes, a heart attack can come on suddenly without any warning.”

    “Did he say anything to you?”

    “No, he never regained consciousness.”

    She nodded and wiped at her eyes.

    “I’m sorry for what I said earlier,” he said quietly.  “It’s just that none of us has lived there for years.  It makes more sense to have him here.”

    “I suppose you’re right,” she said after a moment.  She watched him as he held the baby.  “How does it feel to be a father?”

    He couldn’t help but grin.  “It feels great.”

    “I’m glad you and Jessica worked things out.”

    His smile faded.  “No thanks to you.”

    She crossed her arms and sighed.  “I know you’re still angry at me over what I said to her.”
    “It was none of your business.”

    “You’re my brother, and I care about you.  That makes it my business.”

    His eyes flickered.  “No, Renee.  It doesn’t.  What happens between Jessica and me is nobody’s business but ours.  Understand?”

    She sat stone-faced.

    “How’s James?”
    “Fine.  I talked to him a little while ago.  He’ll try to be here for the funeral.”

    “He’ll try?”

    “He’s a busy man,” she said curtly.

    “I’m sure he is.” 

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