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Monday, June 6, 2011

From "After the Snowfall" by Bryan Alaspa

After the Snowfall
As a town digs out after a blizzard, three strangers in black approach up the road.

The town of Darrick sat on a small hill. Illinois did not have mountains, and there were few very tall hills in this part of the state. However, the town was at such an elevation that anyone walking into town - especially knee-deep in snow - would have a tough time. They would likely be beyond exhausted when they reached the middle of town. Yet, these three were walking steadily, as if the snow were not even there.

Charlie decided it was the manner in which they were walking that disturbed him and continued to send shivers down his spine as though he were catching some kind of cold or flu. Yes, the road was covered in snow, and no cars were likely to come down this stretch of highway, but the way in which they walked down the very center of that road seemed to strike the center of Charlie's heart. They walked like they were supremely confident. It was as if they owned the road with nothing to fear. As if they knew no snow plow or car would make them move. They walked like they had a purpose. Or perhaps they were just plain used to people getting out of their way.

Somethin’ odd here, is all, Charlie muttered.

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