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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

From "The Astrology of Love - A Matchmaker's Guide to The Universe " by Suzanne White

THE ASTROLOGY OF LOVE - A Matchmaker's Guide to the Universe
144 sign Combos (Chinese &
Western) reveal your best  compatibilities in LOVE. Ratings as follows
4 hearts = Bed of Roses :
3 hearts = Bed and Breakfast
2 hearts = Breakfast in Bed
1 heart =   Pillow Fights
 No Hearts = Bed of Nails

RAT with OX - Gets 3 1/2 Hearts

The undisputed name of this game is stability. Oxen settle Rats down.
Rats enliven Oxen. For a marriage, what could be better? Well, a lot
of things could, but we won’t go into that now. If you are a Rat
seeking a partner or an Ox looking for a mate, I would suggest you do
some serious prospecting. The Rat initiates action, the Ox gives a
mighty bulldozing push. Then the Rat takes the ball and runs it to the
goal. It’s a sound (if not hilarious) long-term commitment.

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