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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

From "Barbary Point" by Alan Nayes

Barbary Point
Mitch is taking Kelly to a tiny island she visited as a child with her father...

 Mitch named off landmarks—Bray's Point, Miller Bay, Doemel Point, Menomenee Park,—as we sped

I saw boats fishing, sailboats, and several water skiers in wet suits.

I heard Mitch say, “You want to ski?”

“What's the water temperature?”


“I'll pass.”

“Wanna pilot?”

I waved. “I'm fine here. I just like watching the lake.”

“You sound like your dad.”

His words touched me somewhere deep in my chest, and I turned and leaned up on my knees and kissed Mitch. The choppiness of the water made my first attempt fall short, landing on his chin, but my next effort was right on the money. The kiss was brief, yet warmed me inside out.

“You're beautiful,” he said.

I didn't think I looked beautiful, with my hair all over the place, yet felt like a princess when Mitch told me.

The lake rushed by around us, so rapidly it seemed, I wanted to take a huge paddle and slow everything down, even time. It was all moving too fast. I didn't want it to be over.

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