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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

From "Born Again" by P.J. Lincoln

Born AgainJackson Tanner has just shared a memory with wife Beth through the LifeSync. Now it's Beth's turn.

Within seconds, Beth was there on the football field with Jackson accepting his diploma. A moment later, caps and tassels flew high in the air and then a large-breasted redhead swooped in for a kiss.

“Nice, Jackson. Nice tonsillectomy.”

“What can I say? She was aggressive. What was I supposed to do, push her away? Hey, speaking of hot, let’s see what you looked like at nineteen.”

Beth bit her lip. A message flashed in front of her on the lens of the glasses.

“User Jackson is trying to access age nineteen, sixth month, fourteenth day. Will you allow?”

When Beth hesitated to grant permission, Jackson slid the LifeSync glasses down his nose, looked at her and lifted his hands skyward. “Well? Embarrassed? Don’t tell me…. you had really big hair. Right?"

Beth wasn’t smiling. She clicked “yes” with the selection wheel.

“Hon, come on, it can’t be that bad.” Jackson put the glasses back in place.

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