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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

From "Changers' Summer" by Mike Lewis

Changers' Summer (The Changers Trilogy)

Tom and his friend Jordan are hunting for rats in the grain barn...

Tom followed him again, scuffing the ground with his feet. He was so intent on the cloud of dust his feet raised that he nearly ran into Jordan who stood in the middle of the row.

“Watch it,” Tom said.

“What’s that?” Jordan asked, pointing to something ahead of him.

Tom stepped past him and looked. At first Tom thought that Jordan was holding something, then he realised that he was actually pointing at something in front of him in mid-air.

Tom walked round to the other side of the object, which seemed to hover three feet off the ground. Jordan reached out to touch it.

“Oh,” he said and stepped back. “That’s strange!”


“I can’t touch it,” Jordan said.

Tom reached for the object from the other side and saw what Jordan meant. As your hand reached out, it stopped short as though there was a wall in the way, and your hand tingled.

“What is it?” Jordan asked, kneeling down so he could see under the object.

Tom shrugged. “I dunno, but it looks like a finger.” Tom looked closer and realised that it was a finger. A finger that ended where it should join the hand. A finger hanging in mid-air.

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