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Friday, June 24, 2011

From "The Lynching of Hiram Wilson" by Buzz Malone

The Lynching of Hiram Wilson Chariton, Iowa 1870“What do you think?” Evelyn asked her sister. “Does it cause my hips to look too small?”

“I think it is incredible,” Clara replied. “You will be the most beautiful bride in the history of Lucas County,” she said, looking on in awe as the dress formed around her sister’s perfect figure.

Even as the woman knelt and pinned, they heard the bells clang in the front of the store. Clara had no way of knowing that the voice of the man, muffled through the interior wall, was that of Hiram Wilson. If she had known she might have panicked. She may have fainted. She may even have hid or run out the back. But she could not have known that it was Hiram, separated from her by only a few feet and thin facade wall constructed only to offer privacy to those fortunate souls genteel enough to be purchasing fitted clothing.

A few feet between the two, and a thin wall were all that stood in the way of a fate of their own. A step by either, a slightly elevated voice to be recognized, the opening of the swinging door, and they would be face to face.

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