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Sunday, June 12, 2011

From "New World Orders" by Edward G. Talbot

New World Orders
Detective Jim Patterson is being asked by his captain why he hasn't resolved some current cases...

"Well then, how about the Senator Howell case?"

Patterson raised his eyebrows. Senator Howell had been a three hundred and twenty pound coronary waiting to happen. While many people accused legislators of making "pork barrel deals", Howell took the phrase literally. Last week, Howell had ended up face down in the buffet at a local Sizzler.

"Boss, everyone knows that was natural causes."

Brooker shook his head. "Jimmy, Jimmy, you know that and I know that, but we also know that when an elected officials dies in a public place, we have to be sensitive to public perception. All you need to do is get the medical examiner's report and spend an hour filling out paperwork."

He held up his hand as Patterson opened his mouth. "Never mind, just make sure your write-up is on my desk by tomorrow night. Now, speaking of the M.E.'s office, I was on the phone with Roger Edgson's supervisor just this morning. You're lucky that Edgson was so clearly in the wrong. What were you thinking interfering with an autopsy?"

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