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Friday, June 17, 2011

From "No Wings Attached" by Stella Deleuze

No Wings Attached
He was about to reply, but she cut him short:

'I'm not negotiating. You failed with that desperate woman who needed a bit of luck. And what did you do? Delivered what? You can't drive a tank in London! No wonder she freaked out.' I open my mouth to reply, but she holds a hand up.

'They wanted to bring her into a clinic, a person with no mental problems. Yes, she wanted a tank, but one to keep fish, not a military vehicle!' Christine shakes her head, although her red lips pull into a tiny smile. I grin, pretending to look at the painting behind her.

'What were you thinking?' I can sense even she has trouble staying serious. 'I had to send one of my best helpers to save the woman's luck. Get this case right and we'll see how we go from there. This woman, Celia, needs the basics first! The bosses expect you to succeed. See this as a chance to make up for the last time.' I choke down my answer. I'd just misunderstood the wish. A tank's a tank, isn't it?


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