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Friday, June 3, 2011

From "Red Moon's Reflection" by Ela Lond

Red Moon's Reflection (Moon's Reflection Series)
Tina’s brows descended low over her eyes, drilling holes in the back of Damon’s head. He was really something, wasn’t he? And she didn’t mean that in a good way. Her gaze slid over the curve of Damon’s neck, his wide shoulders and the black lines imprinted over Damon’s back. Bat-wings. She would have thought that with Bloodeaters’ healing powers tattooing wouldn’t work on them.

In the mirror Damon’s green eyes found hers. He gave her a half-smile and flexed his muscles. The black lines of the wings moved. They looked like wisps of black smoke becoming solid, the area between the lines filling with dark grey, giving them a leather-like texture. The wings stretched, restricted by the white-tiled wall of the bathroom, before folding and becoming black lines on his skin again.

"You might have them too.” Damon stood behind her.

She blinked. How did he do -- She rolled her eyes. Sh
e had lived with him for more than a month; she should be used to his sudden reappearance somewhere else. “Aren’t any of your abilities restricted under the Damned’s spells?”

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