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Friday, June 17, 2011

From "The Trouble with Green" by Liv James

The Trouble With Green
After Josie leaves town to put out a fire at one of her inns, her husband has a tense encounter with an unwanted guest...

This changed things.

He swirled the brown liquid in his glass and shot it back. Frank was there immediately to refill it.

“Thanks man,” Jeff said, meaning more than the bourbon.

“You okay?” Frank asked. “I haven’t seen you that pissed in years.”

“Not sure.”

“Who was that guy? He had the stink of the city on him.”

“That he does. That guy,” Jeff took another drink and grimaced. “That guy could have been Josie’s brother-in-law, if you can believe it.”


“We’ve been together eight years. Have you seen her? I wasn’t her first boyfriend.”

“I never imagined her with anyone else,” Frank said, swiping a white cloth across the bar and pocketing the five.

“I don’t like to.”

“Don’t worry. She’s your wife now. She’s as faithful as they come.”

“Yeah, I know. But I just found out she almost married someone else. Guess I’m surprised she never mentioned it.”

Frank shrugged. “Must not have been that important.”

Jeff threw back the rest of his drink. “I need to check on Emma.”

“Don’t let it get to you,” Frank said. “She’s with you now. One hundred percent with you.”

 “Yeah. And I plan to keep it that way.”

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