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Thursday, July 21, 2011

From "3 LIES" by Helen Hanson

3 LIESClint–on quitting his corporate gig and buying a sailboat:

“The day I got the divorce papers, I decided a divorce was exactly what I needed. From her. From work. From the plugged-in world.” He reached down to pat Louie’s firm belly. “I found the No Moor on eBay down in Newport News. I flew down to pick her up and set sail for Boston equipped with a one-week sailing course from my college days. I figured if I didn’t fatten up a shark en route, it was a sign.”

Merlin seemed to absorb the story as if it were what he’d expected, another wayfarer adrift in the current, another unique set of circumstances: Technology-magnate-masquerading-as-seadog? That’s him on the end.

Merlin had no apparent expectations of him, unlike everyone else in Clint’s life.
Save Beth.

With her, he was a face-value commodity. She didn’t treat him like he was ore waiting to be mined and wanted nothing from him other than his company. Women like the one at the medical supply store, or the drunk at the bar, pretended to find him fascinating because he was wealthy. He could torture invalids, slaughter kittens, or use singing bluebirds for target practice and still scare up a date for the weekend.

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Helen Hanson said...

Thanks, Bryan! I appreciate your time and effort in highlighting the work of your fellow indie authors. You, sir, rock! Take care.


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