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Friday, July 8, 2011

From "Dead Locked" by Amy Saunders

Dead LockedGeorgiana pushed Isaac over onto his back, feeling for a heartbeat. She put her ear up to his mouth, but could hear and feel only rain and wind. He still didn't respond. She clasped his bearded face in her hands and kissed his mouth. She followed the gold chain stuck to his neck down to an oval locket the size of the center of her palm. She ripped it off, gripping it in her hand so it wouldn't blow away. With sand and salt chafing her cheeks, she dragged Isaac's body, already stiffening, back to the water. Waves crashed on top of the beach as she dragged and then pushed him into them.

Standing back, she watched as white peaks rose and folded over, engulfing her beloved Isaac. He disappeared from view and when she felt sure they had taken him to rest, Georgiana Cooke turned into the wind and rain. Gripping the locket, she looked back one last time at the sea before dashing up the wooded path back to her home.

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