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Monday, July 25, 2011

From "Destiny's Kiss" by Misti Wolanski

Destiny's Kiss (Darkworld Chronicles - Destiny Walker)Someone Destiny used to know just showed up in the middle of her otherwise normal day as a high school junior...

I shake my head.  I pinch my arm.

He's still headed my way, so he is here, unless I'm hallucinating.  If he's seeking Jordan, at least he's not here for a snack.  He's fond of high schoolers, claims we taste better.  Cleaner than adults but riper than children.  His words, not mine.

I cringe and glance at Fionn.  From his frown, he can tell Signor Ambrogino is a fellow Magik; he just hasn't yet figured out that the signore's a creep even by Darkworld standards.

So Signor Ambrogino is the one making my tattoo go wonky.  I didn't have it when I knew him, so it's adjusting to his magic.

Oh, merda.  Does that mean his magic's noticing it, too?

I flinch as I look up to meet the gaze set a good foot above mine.  I swallow uncomfortably.  His kind are creeps, but he's passably friendly.  I shove myself off the wall and turn away, biting my lip.

Please don't let him recognize me, God.  He'll find out what's happened, track down my owner, and…  Things get bad when his kind and my owner's kind get mad at each other.  And Hollywood likes to think that it exaggerates.

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