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Friday, July 22, 2011

From "A Dragon's Dream of Love" by Jodie B. Cooper

A Dragon's Dream of Love: Song of the Sídhí #2Leah, a seventeen year old half vampire/dragon mix, has arrived at summer camp and desperately needs to feed...

Ooh laa laa! Hunk Alert!

The thought popped into her head as a drop-dead gorgeous guy strutted past her shallow sanctuary trailed by four, no five girls. He was tall and broad shouldered with a literal full mane of hair falling down his shoulders, all golden strands of honey streaked with dark and milk chocolate. Sculpted muscles rippled across his shoulders and… ooh yummy, a light wet sheen highlighted a wonderful pulsing vein.

Thump, thump, thump.

The throbbing of his jugular called to her as it ran down the side of his golden neck, pulsing with neon intensity. Decisions, decisions! Join his growing harem and get a speedy lick and a mouth-watering bite or starve? It almost seemed worth the humiliation. Almost, but not quite.

She groaned, thumping the back of her head against the cool wall. She quit after several brain bashing thumps, but only because her ears began ringing. She seriously needed some shuteye if random thoughts like chasing and biting total strangers started popping into her head.

She’d never bitten anyone. She drank her daily blood allotment in a metal – no-see through – cup. If no one was watching, she pinched her nose shut.

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Jodie B. Cooper said...

Thank you Indie Snippets for posting this fun YA romance filled with dragons & shapeshifters!


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