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Thursday, July 14, 2011

From "The Empire" by Elizabeth Lang

The EmpireA scientist, Adrian Stannis, is trapped between a rock and a harder place...

Kegan paced, circling Adrian, treating him like a caged animal. "Some people wanted to have you executed. Did they tell you?"

So the Sedener had been an illusion, thought Adrian. No one believed he was just a failed researcher, an embarrassment who needed to be put out of the way. In reality, they had given him a long leash and reeled him in when they found him useful again.

Kegan sneered, smelling success. "How does it feel to know the truth?"

"Do you think death scares me?" The answer was cold, a man with a foot in an icy tomb.

An archly cynical female voice said from behind him, "Adrian isn’t afraid of death."

Adrian’s back stiffened as the woman’s voice chilled the room, and there was another stab of pain in his head.

"He’s only afraid of life. Isn’t that right?"

Without turning to look at her, Adrian already imagined the steely black pupils and jet-black hair in his mind’s memory. There was no reaction in his voice, only a passive acknowledgement of her arrival.

"Professor Boudreaux."

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