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Thursday, July 7, 2011

From "Fate, Book One of Timeless Trilogy" by Tallulah Grace

Timeless Trilogy, Book One, FateKris bolted straight up in bed, sweat streaming down her arms and face. Her breathing was fast and shallow, as if she had been running for her life. The pink of early dawn peeked through the crack in the curtain as she struggled to regain control. She was home. She was safe.

The dream that had plagued her for weeks now was becoming more and more clear. The man chasing her was still in shadow, but scenes from the movie rolling in front of her were etched in her mind. The flames were everywhere; she could see Roni screaming and Cassie fall to the floor. Her mother and father were both fighting the fiery onslaught, beating back the flames with some kind of fabric, though they had been dead for years. The faces and the surroundings were in sepia tone, but the inferno was blue and red. The horror on the screen was bad enough, but Kris knew that the worst part of the nightmare had yet to catch up with her. Icy fingers scraped her spine as she ran as hard as she could.

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