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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

From "Foreclosed: A Mitzy Neuhaus Mystery" by Traci Tyne Hilton

Foreclosed: A Mitzy Neuhaus Mystery (Mitzy Neuhaus Mysteries)Realtor Mitzy Neuhaus and her personal assistant Sabrina found what might be the perfect foreclosure...

   “The kitchen must be on this side,” Mitzy said.

   “Sure is. My lands!” Sabrina was on her tiptoes trying to get a good long view into the house.

    Mitzy saw it too. “Is that a professional, stainless steel range?”

   " I’m sure it is,” Sabrina said. “But what on earth is it doing in this house?”

   “Apparently being a matched set with the rest of the stainless appliances and—it cannot be,” Mitzy stopped short, amazed at what she saw.

    "I think it is,” Sabrina said in awe.

    The sun was shining just right to glance off the counter-tops. It made an appealing sparkle.

    “That is a quartz counter-top,” Sabrina said.

    “It is. It is acres of quartz counter-top. Well, we know why they were foreclosed now, I guess. Just plain ran out of money. Let’s get back to the office. You get the tax records on the house and I’ll call James at the stone works and see what he knows.”

They risked a ticket as they sped back to the office.

They were gone before you could read MIT-Z on the Miata’s vanity plates.

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