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Friday, July 29, 2011

From "The Hour of Tiamat" by Lisa M. Taylor

The Hour of Tiamat
Evelyn has just witnessed a group of people performing a dark ritual, and has been sprinting through the woods for her life; one of the people in the group, though, seems different from the others...

“Stay away from me!” she said through heavy breathing and choked back tears. Shadows moved along the ground as clouds passed over the moon, and in the shifting light she saw a long stick lying on the ground next to her. She wasted no time in diving for it, and the next moment she was holding it out in front of her like a sword, brandishing it at him like some terrifying weapon.  “Don’t come any closer!” she threatened. He still simply stared, but she saw an eyebrow cock at her defensive attempts and realized he was laughing at her. Great, that’s just what I’m getting at, comedy, she thought to herself. With an embarrassed huff, she dropped the stick to her side, and scanned the trees for a sign of the other three. When she was satisfied with the silence, she looked back and simply asked, “Who are you?”

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