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Friday, July 1, 2011

From "Levels of Deception" by Susan Schreyer

Levels Of DeceptionProtagonist Thea Campbell is attempting to share information about a theft and murder with her friend Delores at a crowded 4th of July family picnic…
She took my arm and steered me toward the crowded buffet table. “Has Paul said anything more to you about things?” She was trying to be subtle.

Paul again. I ground my teeth. “No,” I said. “He’s not talking.”

“But you asked him about Andrew and the sabotage, didn’t you?” Her voice was so quiet I almost didn’t hear her.

“Yes. I practically pleaded with him.” I leaned closer to whisper, reaching to spoon a pesto dip onto my plate to disguise our private talk. “I had a visit yesterday from Seattle’s finest.”

“At your house?” The chip she was holding didn’t make it to her mouth.

“Yeah. They seemed awfully interested in finding out what he knows. Delores, I’m worried.”

“We’ll talk later,” she said. We both noticed my mother approaching, a can of beer in her hand and a smile for every person she passed. A regular flippin’ Mrs. America.

“You two look so serious,” Mother said, joining us. “What are you talking about? Me?”

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