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Monday, July 11, 2011

From "The Sealed Door - Book four in The Seven Spell Saga" by Tessa Stokes

The Sealed Door Book four in The Seven Spell SagaTristan had been down to the big room at the end of the house which was to become the big drawing room in my time, he had checked the panelled cupboards there to see if any of his weapons were remaining from the winter time when we were here. There was a bow, a short sword, a larger broad sword, and a dagger. He got the lot and tooled up like some weird character in a computer game or movie. Oliver raised his eyebrows, “Expecting trouble are you Tristan? How about you hand me something that lot has to be heavy.”

I waited for the reply too and Tristan grinned, then he handed Oliver the bow, there were only a few arrows in the container that went with it. “There you go, Oliver, maybe you could bag us a rabbit, oh no on second thoughts we can’t cook it so, maybe just hang on to that just in case.”

Oliver took the bow and answered, “You realize I have only had two lessons with Corbett and this bow is so totally different from a modern compound bow, that I can’t promise I will hit a barn door for you.”

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