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Thursday, July 14, 2011

From "We, The Watched" by Adam Bender

We, The Watched“Will you look at that,” George says admiringly. My eyes unglaze and follow his finger out the window. A barn in the distance is enveloped in flames. Dark clouds of smoke billow out the top. A pair of men in midnight blue uniforms stand with rifles relaxed at their sides, smirking at the burning structure.

“What the hell? Why are they just standing there?” I scan the area for a fire engine, an ambulance, something…

“Must be one of them damn rebel groups hiding out in there,” he says, grinning.

“The soldiers set it on fire?” I sputter back.

The question appears to irritate George. “The Guard keeps us united,” he says. “If we can’t stand together, the heretics have already won.”

A figure dressed in black rushes out of the barn. His arms stretch into the air.

One soldier lifts a rifle to his shoulder.

Not totally believing, I glance at George. The old man nods his head in approval.

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