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Thursday, August 4, 2011

From "Beloved LifeMate" by Jodie B. Cooper

Beloved LifeMate: Song of the Sídhí #1Like a mixture of midnight roses and a hot summer breeze, her scent woke a part of him that had long been dormant.

After such a long life, females all looked alike to him; he'd grown bored with their song and dance a thousand years earlier. Their constant attempt to manipulate him rubbed him raw. He refused to put up with it.

This willowy female – he inhaled her mouth-watering scent again – might change all of that.

She turned toward him, slowly, as if fearing what she might discover. Her intense blue eyes, the color of a shallow sea cove, widened in fear and her heart raced. He watched as she argued with herself, trying to decide if she had any hope of out-running him.

His pure-blood elvish core trembled in shock; he was attracted - and completely smitten - with a halfling. Her vampire/elf scent should have warned him, not tempted him beyond rational thought. Her beautiful blue eyes, not elvish in shape, and tiny pointed ears peeking through her thick hair shouted her impure bloodline.

He didn't care, briefly wondering if he could convince her to return to Sídhí with him. She would make a magnificent concubine.

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