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Thursday, August 11, 2011

From "Beyond the Lady" by Stella Eromonsere-Ajanaku

BEYOND the LADY‘What are you doing in the kitchen?’ Vanessa asked in a friendly tone.

   ‘Good morning to you too! Please clear up the rubbish you left on the dining table. That’s were breakfast will be served. That is if you can chew homemade food?’ he stated in a stiff, sarcastic tone.

   Vanessa’s eyes blanched Frederick’s extensive physique on display in the cotton boxers and blue t-shirt.

   He turned his back on her uninhibited show of interest in his build. As he served fried beans cakes onto the plates, he felt the need to commend her continuing presence in his home despite her repeated threats to leave, her brazen access to his bank cards and…

   ‘Thank you for staying here. And…’

   She stopped mid-stride to the dining area. Guilt instantly plagued her. What exactly had she done to earn such high praise from such a moral shrew?

   ‘I beg your pardon…?’

   Speaking like he would to a fussy toddler, he repeated his words. ‘Thank you for not leaving my home yesterday when I went out.’

   Vanessa acquired a double pang of guilt.

   ‘Which means you haven’t seen the bills?’

   ‘You did a fine job of spending my hard earned money on frivolities…’

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