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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

From "Bones" by Margaret Karmazin

BonesGrandmother tells Eyes-of-Wolf about the night of her birth...

"The night you came into the world was in the middle of the longest winter we had had in many years.  People were beginning to believe it was never going to end and that we had reached another Great Change.  The wolves were all over the land, keening and howling and at night mothers held their children close for fear the animals were so hungry that they might oevercome their usual respect for the people and enter our villages for prey.  Your mother was overdue with you, a good half moon over. Her belly was so big we teased her that she was carrying a buffalo.........

When she slid you out, everyone gasped in wonder!"

"Oh, why did they gasp?" asked Eyes-of-Wolf when she knew perfectly well why.

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