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Monday, August 15, 2011

From "A Dream of Storms" by William Kenney

A Dream of Storms (In the Shadow of the Black Sun)t smiled and the air crackled about their heads. Its sorcery grew as the minutes passed. Tongues of black flame showed in its eyes but they were cold. A long dead cold.


He noticed movement over the thing's shoulder. A flicker of light. It was one of the little girls. She ran toward them, torch in hand. Hagan tried to call out to her, to stop her. He could not get the words out. She touched the flame to the Inquitis' back and it went up like kindling. It released Hagan from its grip and howled in pain. The sound was unbearable to their mortal ears and all within earshot cupped their hands to their heads.

Hagan wrenched his blade free as the Inquitis staggered, enveloped by violent dancing fire. It was consumed by a flame with no light as if its very essence changed the laws of nature. It collapsed to its knees, its head still on level with Hagan's. Within the dark inferno, its eyes still held him as if it knew him. It showed its teeth once more and then its skull melted, joining the blackened remains that were its body.

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