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Thursday, August 4, 2011

From "Running" by Patrice Fitzgerald

RUNNINGCatherine Young, current vice president and Democratic nominee for president, is hanging out at home in a rare moment of relaxation when she stumbles on a sound bite from her GOP opponent’s campaign stump speech:

Catherine flopped down on the worn leather couch in a very unpresidential way, flinging her sensible navy pumps into the air one by one.  She lifted her hips off the cushion to shimmy out of her pantyhose, wondering if the new code of bare legs was ever going to make it all the way up the food chain to the executive branch. 

Wiggling her toes, she gave a sigh and punched the remote.  The large blonde hair of Jerusha Hutchins filled the TV screen and her perky voice filled the room. 

“It’s more of the same, isn’t it?  We’ve had the Democrat Party…yes…four years now.  Where are we?  I ask y’all.  Taxing and spending, the usual.  Folks barely making it.  Me and my family…the ten of us…beautiful children… so many…and we are proud!  Being fruitful and multiplying.  Celebrating the culture of life.  The country – y’all know it – going in the wrong direction!”  The crowd cheered, and Jerusha nodded vigorously, her arms spread. 

“Going away from what our forefathers – the God-fearing founders of this nation – fought for.  The American people – the good people, the Americans from way back – have had enough.  We have the memento…the momento… it’s our moment now!  And we’re takin’ the country back!  Am I right, y’all?”

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Prill Boyle said...

Love it! Very timely!

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