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Monday, August 1, 2011

From "Tick Tock Run" by H.C.Elliston

TICK TOCK RUN (Romantic Mystery Thriller)While preparing to defend herself against the person who is threatening her, Chelsea discovers that her friend lied about her connection to the first victim...

Poor guy.  What really happened to you?
Studying the photo, deep in thought, my eyes wandered to the right of Daryl’s shoulder.  There, reflecting back from a large mirror behind the window of the hairdressing shop, stood a female with jaw-length black hair.  A mobile phone covered half of her face as she held the phone out to take the photo that she starred in.

This was Laura.  I felt sure of it.

I scrolled through the contact list again, landed on her name and pressed dial to double-check.  I put the phone to my ear, waited and listened, my heart ready to explode.

The call was answered after four rings.  “Hello?  Who is this?  Why do you have this phone?”

I recognised her voice straight away, hung up and chucked the mobile onto the other sofa.  The lying little...

Laura’s voice had sounded shocked.  Of course it had.  She’d just accepted a call from a dead guy she claimed not to know.

She knew him.


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