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Monday, September 5, 2011

From "Deadline" by James A. Anderson

DEADLINEThe man stepped from the Explorer with a map in hand. He stood next to Antoinette Bower holding the map as she tried to explain directions to Lombard Street.

"It's only a few blocks this way," she pointed to the map. "You're not far wrong."

His other hand emerged from a side pocket. A handkerchief edged upward as the stranger let the map drop to the ground. Bower suddenly felt a vice-like grip.

She started to struggle. A scream began to surface, but was suddenly cut off. The handkerchief smothered her mouth. She sensed the strong smell of a chemical odour. She briefly continued to struggle but an overwhelming drowsiness arose.

Then eveything went black.

The Wolfman had his next victim.

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