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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

From "Into the Dark Desolate Night" by John Darling

Into the Dark Desolate Night (The Detective Anderson Mysteries)A beautiful woman just walked into the Anderson Detective Agency looking for help:

Anderson took the paper and unfolded it.  It was a copy of a news article whose headline read, “Professor Albert Margolis Killed in Single Car Accident”.  The story explained how Margolis, apparently on his way to his laboratory after a late night party, had spun out his Porsche on a rain swept road and managed to wrap it, and him, around a tree.  Both were pronounced dead at the scene.  The Coroner stated that no alcohol was present in Margolis’ blood so that was not a factor.  It was a simple accident.  Anderson handed the paper to Coombs who read it over carefully and then handed it back.

 “I take it you have reason to believe that this was something more than just an accident?”

“I do.”

“And what reason might that be?”

She hesitated at answering, looking at Anderson as if she were trying to decide if he was trustworthy.

“You have to give me more than this if you want me and Detective Coombs to sniff around for you.”

“All I can say, at this time, is that he was involved in some unusual research and that I suspect there were people who would rather he not succeed.” 

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