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Thursday, September 22, 2011

From "Ruin" by N.M. Martinez

Paula, recently banned from the Neutral Territory, learns a little bit about the history of the Wildlands from a couple of Wildlanders...

"They say that it was a girl who let the First Experiment out of the lab.” Maria looks at me and her lips curve into the tiniest of smiles. "She saw him from far off and felt sorry for him, so one day she opened his cage and let him go."

In school, when we learned about the Revolution, we never really went into much detail. Admittedly, I never gave it much thought myself, but the Revolution had to start somewhere.

Angel smiles at us. “My favorite is the one about the technician who spilled his coffee on the control panel.”

But these stories aren't real. No one seems to know the exact truth, though Maria and Angel share these strange stories about the First Experiment as if he were a real person.

"What's the truth?" I ask. "Is the First Experiment a real person? Wouldn't he have shared his story already?"

Maria pauses with her glass halfway to her mouth. She sets it down on her knee and looks over at Angel and Mitchell with surprise before turning back to me. "You don’t know? He didn't tell you? Your father is the First Experiment.”

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