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Monday, September 19, 2011

From "Ruthy's New Texas Lawyer Friend" by John Blandly

Ruthy has to leave school back east and return to Texas after the death of her parents...

The driver jumped off the seat on top of the front of the wagon and went around to the side and opened the door.

A heavy-set woman pushed her way out, followed by a young boy.

The driver entered the coach, re-emerged quickly, looked around and yelled, "Is there a doctor here?"

Stepping briskly up onto the hotel porch, the driver addressed Harry. "A doctor-we need a doctor."

Long dark hair escaped here and there from the driver's hat-smudges of dirt above dark eyebrows-on rosy cheeks. To Harry’s amazement, it appeared that the driver was actually a young woman.

"No doctor here," Harry said. "What's wrong?"

"The stage coach driver is dead-or dying."

She took off her hat and shook out her hair. She paused for a second, and calmly noted, "You're not from around here." Then she turned and said, "Well, I should have known. Never been a doctor here."

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