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Thursday, October 6, 2011

From "Follow the Raven" by Dale Day

In the hidden abode of the last Druid...

The scene in the mirror changed as the raven left its perch above the palisade tower and flew to the bodies.

Ian felt alarm. Would the raven feast upon his loved ones?

Raghnall returned as the scavenger hopped close to Meoc, peering into the face.

“He is smiling,” Ian murmured.

The bird then hopped to Aine’s body, showing that she too had died with a smile upon her lips and peace on her countenance.

“They are at peace, Milord. They are with your parents.”

“Do not call me that!” Ian ordered, instantly recanting speaking to his teacher in that manner.
“What then am I to call you?”

“What you have called me all my life,” Ian responded. “I am not yet ready to bear such a title. I am nothing but an ignorant shepherd and notworthy of being given such a title.”

Raghnall smiled. “You are indeed like your father. He too did not like the honorifics, preferring to be called by his name.”

“Although I only did so when we were alone,” the druid added.

“So, teacher, what do we now do?”

“We leave this place for somewhere safe.”

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