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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

From "Operation Neurosurgeon: You never know...who's in the OR" by Barbara Ebel

Due to his conniving OR nurse, Doctor Danny was evicted from his rental apartment but the landlord let him back in to get his personal belongings:

Danny had worked up a sweat, so he unzipped his jacket and draped it near the phone. He leafed through the mail pile before dropping it into the box. He opened the Valley View and law firm letters. He should have opened them days ago. He now had more attorneys after him than the number of French style green beans in a sixteen ounce can.

     Danny stood straight. Something triggered a curious thought. His leather burgundy case, it didn’t seem right. What was it?

     He darted a glance to the keeper of his endeared items, a sinking feeling welling up from his gut. He inched his hand over, put his palm on top, and pressed.

     Danny’s words came hesitantly, “Has anyone been in here before or after the apartment was re-keyed?”

     “Just me. To evaluate for dog mischief, or owner damage. The place looked like you left me with no trouble. But still, don’t expect that security deposit.”

     Danny discontinued listening to him. He was worried about someone else, not him. But first, he picked up Albert Einstein’s book and Melissa’s bracelet holder and opened the flap. It was as empty as a strewn red neck beer can.

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