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Monday, October 10, 2011

From "Punk Faction" by Marcus Blakeston

Colin nodded his head and tapped his foot to the music. The band were better than he had expected them to be from the appearance of the singer, and he looked across at Brian intending to ask if he wanted to get up and dance. Brian had his arm around Kaz’s shoulders, and was saying something into her ear that he couldn’t hear over the music. He saw Kaz smile and then say something back, her mouth inches away from his ear. He sighed to himself, and pulled Stiggy by the arm.

“Come on, Stigs.”

Stiggy stared at him, glassy eyed, but let Colin pull him to his feet and towards the stage where the band were playing. A few punks were already gyrating before the stage, and Colin dragged Stiggy into their midst before letting go and starting to flail his arms around. Stiggy caught the back of Colin’s hand across his face when he didn’t move out of the way in time, and shoulder-barged Colin in retaliation. He kicked out his feet and began to leap around, jostling anyone who got too near.

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