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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

From "Secret Storm" by Amelia James

The finality of that one word drove Sara into a thundering fury. Her fists rained down on his solid chest, but he would not relent.  Her eyes burned right through his—she knew he felt it—but his face remained calm.  She wanted to shatter his cool control into a billion pieces so he could never put it back together again.  “Dammit, Jack, let me in.”

Jack shoved off the door, cursing her under his breath. He turned his back to her, but Sara knew his control was slipping. “No.” He spun to face her, his eyes blazing.  “Do you want to see what’s hiding inside me?  Do you want to know what I lived through?” The smallest tremble shook his voice, a hoarse whisper.  “What I’ve done?”

She stepped away from the door, holding her hand out to him, suddenly needing to touch him. “I want all of you, Jack, whoever you are.”

He stared at her hand, his fingers curling as if he wanted to take it, but Jack turned away from her again.  “I can’t let you….”

“Then get out.”  Sara marched to the door and flung it open, the doorknob punching a hole in the wall.

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