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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

"Locked Out" by Thea Isis Gregory

Anna and her staff are briefed on their new assignment by Major Cartwright in the wake of riots in the nearby capital city...

“So why us? Where do we come into this?” Anna felt obligated to speak. She needed answers, to glean sense from that scene cut straight from a horror movie. “You have negotiators, police and guns. We research diseases and catalog new microbes.”

“Good question. The answer is, we can't negotiate. Every single person we've managed to capture has been violent and completely uncommunicative.” The major's brow furrowed as he drew in a deep breath. Dr. Grant fidgeted in his high-backed chair; audible squeaks broke the long pause. “What's more, is that every time we've taken somebody into custody, we've lost control of the facility within twenty-four hours. This suggests to my superiors that this is more than a sudden wave of intense political indoctrination.”

Anna stood up and glared at the man. “So you're saying we're looking for an evil bug that makes people go crazy?” The idea was absurd. Anna knew there had to be some kind of logical explanation.

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