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Thursday, November 10, 2011

From "The Dragon and the Boar" by Brian Flint

Jasper, Henry Tudor's uncle, confronts the Earl of Lincoln and a soldier of King Edward while Jasper and Henry are trying to flee to France...

Jasper kicked his heels into the horse’s ribs and began his charge.  Lincoln raised his sword in the air and the soldier lowered his spear.  The three charged toward each other with thunderous speed, Jasper screaming the entire time.  The soldier reached Jasper before Lincoln and thrust his spear into the left shoulder of Jasper’s horse.  Anticipating the move, Jasper used his momentum to ram his body into the soldier.  They both hit the ground with a tremendous impact.  Caught by surprise, Lincoln thundered past the two.  Jasper quickly got to his feet and recovered his sword.  The soldier was on his hands and knees trying to recover his breath.  Jasper calmly walked up to him and thrust his sword into his back.  He pulled the bloody blade out of the soldier who collapsed on the ground lifeless.  Jasper turned around to see Lincoln had renewed his charge.  He raised his sword and awaited the galloping horse. 

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