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Thursday, November 24, 2011

From "Mocked by Faith" by Michele Richard

Alexia Cross and Justin McNear live in communities where their faith only believes in arranged marriages...

“Okay, folks, if you would be so kind as to allow a change in tonight’s venue. We have a very special announcement to make. Alexia Cross, would you please come up here?”

My heart beat frantically in my chest. I balled my shaking hands into fists and pinned them to my sides.

With everyone’s eyes locked upon me, I weaved through the room to join my parents on stage. Before I could even ask what was going on, the other McNear couple joined us.  Looking at my friends, I could see the ladies were beaming, not so much for Crazy Eight; he was in hysterics as Johnny just shook his head.

“Tonight Alexia Cross has been contracted to marry Justin McNear, son of James and Jane McNear from our sister church in England! Since he was unable to make the trek himself  tonight, we’ll be holding their tying ceremony next month, on Saturday, June twenty-sixth, the day of their wedding. So, please join me in congratulating the future bride.” 

The announcement left me flabbergasted and gaping.

Did he seriously just say I’d be marrying a man I wouldn’t meet until the day of my actual wedding?

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