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Thursday, November 3, 2011

From "No Matter What" by Michelle Betham

He was inwardly begging her to say yes.  He couldn’t forget how he’d felt when they’d first looked at each other.  He needed to find out if she felt the same way.  It was playing on his mind and if she didn’t come with him he’d never settle.  He needed to find out what was happening here because he had no idea what it was he was feeling.  He had no idea at all.  He only knew that he wanted to be with her, for just a little bit longer.  He wanted to be with her.

He held out his hand and almost instinctively she took it, his fingers closing in around hers, making her feel instantly safe again.  Whatever it was that was going on here she wasn’t going to fight it.  She wasn’t going to fight anything anymore.  She was going to follow Charley’s advice, stop analysing everything and just live life.  No matter how weird that life was turning out to be.  She’d just got on the merry-go-round of one crazy ride and the first day of the rest of her life was starting right here.

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