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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

From "Rys Rising: Book I" by Tracy Falbe

Amar and Urlen reach the climax of their initiation rites into a notorious outlaw society...

Kez warriors began to tie the circular blocks of stone to the wrists of Amar and Urlen. They triple knotted the bonds and made them tight. With paralyzed dismay Urlen watched himself be tied to the stone. He was breathing in stuttering gasps and shaking. 

“Initiates, we ask you to die for us. Cast in your stones and join the Brotherhood of Vu,” Kym said. 

The Kez warriors stepped away. Urlen and Amar were left with their blocks at the water’s edge. Amar finally looked at Urlen.

“I’ll be waiting for you,” Amar said.

Then without any hesitation, he bent down and pushed his block with his bound hands. With a scrape and a splash, it yanked Amar into the water. It would not be said that Amar had hesitated at the test of the waters. 

A great shout went up from the crowd. Urlen cowered beneath the noise and stared in horror at the radiating circles on the water. Amar was gone. 

When Urlen did not move, the warriors began their chanting again. “Die for us and become our brother. Die for us and become our brother.”

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