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Thursday, November 3, 2011

From "The Shadows of Echo lake" by Ethan Blake

‘So the only thing tying Sam to the crime’s, is the fact that he knew the location of the bodies, somehow he could discern the whereabouts with like visions or something?

‘He sees their ghosts Ernie; he sees them at the places where they’re buried. What he marked on that map, were places he had seen ghosts, there are over fifty crosses on the map and we have no idea about some of them, there are old Indian graves and early settlers graves dotted all over the county and we have to dig them all up before we get the full picture.’

‘Jesus Abel, this guy is like a metal detector for cadavers, you’d think the feds would be bustin their humps to get him on board never mind trying to nail him for murder.’

‘Just one more thing you need to know Ernie, We got a guy in custody right now,’ Abel hesitated briefly before taking a deep breath and continuing,  ‘and I don’t think he’s the one either,  If they find out they got the wrong guy they’re going to be looking for the first available patsy to take the heat off and I’m guessing it’ll be Sam.’

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