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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

From "Soliloquies: The Lady Doth Indeed Protest" by Chris Wind

Romeo, Romeo,

Where the hell art thou?

Have you stopped along the way

To play at your stupid battle games?

Or have you changed your mind,

And decided not to come

Thinking me too 'easy' and thus insincere:

What perversion of thought is this?

Because I say what it is I want,

Direct and forthright,

You judge my desire false?

While the one who dallies,

Says no to mean yes,

You deem true and take her


Or perhaps you think to be 'easy' is to be unchaste:

If so, you misjudge


Because I want you     (I want you)

Does in no way mean

I am a woman who wants every man.

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