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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

From "Until Charlie" by Linda Picinich

“Hey…Hey, Abbey...”  Charlie’s spoke softly, waking me from my slumber. I pried one eye open, squinting in reaction to the morning light.  I realized that I must have clung to Charlie all night long, as my entire right side was draped over his body, my leg still wrapped around his, my arm stretched across his chest, my hand firmly clenched around his rib cage.

“What time is it?”  I asked.

“8:00am.”  He replied.  “I have to go.”  He gently removed my hand from his side, slid his leg out from under mine, and slipped out of bed.  I stretched and yawned in pure pleasure.  Never a morning person, I was amazed that I was already smiling and feeling so chipper.  This must be heaven, I thought.  I studied his graceful movements, admiring Charlie as he walked around the room, as if it were my own private symphony.  He pulled on his jeans and sat himself down on the edge of my bed.  I leapt up and threw my arms around him from behind, pressing my cheek into the space that was the crossroads between his shoulder blades and the crux of his neck.  I squeezed him tight, taking in a long, deep breath.

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