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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

From "Vengeance Is Sacred" by Peter Healy

 After experiencing a premonition, Paolo races to the scene of the infamous Triangle Waist Company fire to try to save a young friend from the disaster...

He frantically raced to the river and saw that a ferry was just departing. He poured on the speed, reached the wooden dock, and streaked to the edge. The wood planking gave him a bounce to his step and Paolo took a flying leap with every ounce of muscle he had in his legs. He sailed through the air, cleared the water, and landed with a crash against the back side of the boat. His hands grabbed desperately onto the railing as his body thumped against the wet wall of the vessel. A foamy turbulence was created by his dangling legs as they buffeted in the frigid Hudson. The icy water felt like piercing knives as it washed up and over him. The rail was wet and cold and he struggled to hang on. Finally, with a hefty effort, he managed to pull himself on board, soaked from the neck down.

Lying on deck, he fought to catch his breath as his dripping clothes shaped puddles around him. He wrangled to stand, then felt the river wind blow into his face and chill his wet body. Paolo already knew that his freezing torso would later be considered a blessing compared to the searing heat he would soon face.

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