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Friday, November 18, 2011

From "Water" by Terra Harmony

There is nothing like an avalanche to put your life into perspective.  Works better than a psychic; works better than my psychic, anyway.  It was odd Madam Ariel’s wrinkled, pockmarked face was the only thing that came to mind while barreling down a mountain, caught up in a sudden, suffocating pile of snow that raced down over me out of nowhere.  Although I guess all avalanches are sudden, unless one has been told about them ahead of time, which of course, I wasn’t.  Touché.

    So far, my life consisted of traveling as a photographer, documenting the plight of the unwashed masses.  My work had not changed a damn thing in the world.  There was always another starving family, another war-orphaned kid whose picture was sold to those not ashamed to exploit tragedy in exchange for higher ratings.  Hell, I was one of them.  It was my work after the earthquake in China that paid for the snowboard that just got ripped from my feet.  All it took was one massive natural disaster to tell me how inconsequential I actually was.  Feeling mildly betrayed as Madam Ariel's familiar face disappeared, I turned to the task at hand - survival.

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