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Thursday, December 22, 2011

From "Danger Danger" by Gerry McCullough

The shining red car hurtled across the road towards them. ‘Dec!’ Katie shrieked.

Declan swerved to the left, jammed on his brakes, and felt the Honda bike skid to a shuddering stop. It toppled over. There was a blinding pain in his left leg, then nothing.

Katie felt herself flying through the air. She landed on her left arm. The black leather jacket ripped apart. She felt her head crash into the hard surface of the railing in the centre of the road. Then darkness, and silence.

The motorbike had come up out of nowhere. Steven saw it out of the corner of his eye. He’d thought he could make it across, in the last moments after the lights changed, just before any traffic came from the other direction. But here came this bike, way before anyone could have expected it. He dragged on the wheel, tore the Mazda round. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Annie’s shoulder bang against the passenger door, saw the door burst open, saw her shoot out of the car. He wrenched at the wheel, trying obsessively to regain control of the car. His head hit the windscreen.  There was nothing more.


Gerry McCullough said...

Bryan, huge thanks to you and your great blog! I'm posting this far and wide!

Erik J. Avalon said...

This sounds incredible; intense. Definitely checking it out.

Gerry McCullough said...

Thanks, Erik – really hope you enjoy it!

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